37 Questions with Alex Sperrazza

As a trained industrial designer, Block Club brand manager Alex Sperrazza knows a thing or two about the form, function, and value of a highly personalized space. Eight months on the job, she answers 37 questions–a humble nod to Vogue’s 73–on life, love, and the best stylishly crinkled pants (among 34 other things).

  1. What’s the last thing you ate?

    A radish

  2. With butter? Salt? Sliced? Whole?

    Sliced, with salt and pepper.

  3. What are your plans for the weekend?

    Getting into my studio to work on some design projects!

  4. What’s your latest project?

    I just started a ceramics class that’s taught by one of the other resident artists at the Buffalo Arts Studio. I am so excited to learn from her and begin to incorporate the different techniques into my process.

  5. What is one thing you’ve learned about life recently?

    You can’t control the speed in which “things” happen, so just embrace it.

  6. What is the best thing you heard someone say today?

    “I’m also an industrial designer.”

  7. What was the best book you read last year?

    Call Me By Your Name

  8. Why did you like it?

    It’s about first loves and ultimately first heartbreak. It was so beautiful and tragic, and every moment/emotion is magnified to the point of combustion in only the way young love can be. I can’t resist a beautifully written love story.

  9. What’s the best thing that happened to you this year?

    Moving home to Buffalo! There is a lot of opportunity here, and I’m glad to have the space and freedom to create.

  10. What are you looking forward to?

    Creating my own space

  11. What kind of space?

    A home! But one that truly reflects mine and my husband’s personalities. I hope it’s warm and bright with places to experience clarity and lots of sunbeams for our cat to lay in.

  12. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

    Can I choose to be a wizard instead?

  13. Who’s asking the questions here? Ok, fine. What spells would you cast?

    As a 31-year-old witch, I’d definitely be into housekeeping spells. Who has time for laundry and cleaning? But I’d probably also enjoy transfiguration spells and other charms.

  14. Would you have a Patronus?

    Definitely. It would be a snow leopard.

  15. What brand do you love?

    Kara (the bag brand)

  16. Do you have a favorite podcast?

    My Dad Wrote A Porno

  17. What’s that about?

    It’s hosted by this guy Jamie, who’s dad literally wrote a porno. So naturally, he asked his friends Alice and James to come over and listen to him read it chapter by chapter. It is so terrible and at times biologically incorrect, but they just turn it into comedic gold. Did I mention the hosts are British? Everything is funnier with British accents and slang. I promise it’s hilarious!

  18. What’s a cause close to your heart?

    Fostering kittens. My mom fostered a lot. My cat is one of her fosters. As soon as I have a space of my own, I’d love to foster.

  19. What’s your cat’s name?

    Scout! She’s named after Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

  20. What is your best habit?

    List making

  21. What sorts of lists?

    To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, book lists, movie lists, ideas. Basically, anything I need but also things I want to do. Some are for the day and some are more like long-term goals.

  22. What are five things on your to-do list today?

    Workout, laundry, sketch ideas for pottery class, read a chapter of my current book, plan a weekend getaway

  23. Do you have any vices?

    Diet Coke

  24. Are there any words that you live by (or try to)?

    “Don’t borrow trouble.”

  25. Do you have a favorite article of clothing?

    Yes. These crinkly Uniqlo pants. I love the way they move and the fact that I can move in them

  26. Where have you lived?

    I lived in Kansas City for five years and in Brooklyn for three.

  27. What were the highlights of living in Brooklyn?

    My friends, climbing, and the food

  28. Where do you love to eat when you go back?

    There’s a Taiwanese-American restaurant called Win Son in Williamsburg. If I could go right now, I’d order the marinated cucumbers, stinky tofu, sloppy bao, lu rou fan, pea shoots, and beef roll. Hopefully, I’d be with a few friends to help me eat all of that!

  29. What’s your best travel advice?

    Take a probiotic. Do your research. Embrace the mishaps.

  30. What makes you proud?

    Coming soon…

  31. Can you give us a hint?

    My husband and I are co-designing a small collection of housewares inspired by our homecoming to Buffalo. I’m excited to share it with everyone, but I’m also proud of how hard we’ve been working toward this goal and of the work itself. It’s been an exercise in collaboration and has pushed us so much as designers.

  32. What did you do before Block Club?

    I led the product development team at a design company in Brooklyn called Areaware.

  33. Which designers inspire you?

    I’m so inspired by Susan Kare. It was amazing to work with her on product. Chen + Kai are always pushing the boundary with materials. Bruno Munari for encouraging creativity. Sol LeWitt for democratizing his work.

  34. Who else do you admire?

    I admire my nana.

  35. Why?

    She’s always been such an incredible force. She pursued a career in nursing at a time when others thought she should stay at home. She raised four wonderful people: my mom, aunts, and uncle. She showed me and the other grandkids what it looks like to be a strong woman. She stands up for what she believes in and has always been socially and politically active.

  36. What’s your favorite feature of the Block Club office?

    The people! It’s so important for me to enjoy the people I work with. You spend so much time with them. But I also love the DeLonghi.

  37. What’s your favorite sound?

    I love the sound a can makes when you open it. I hope it’s a Diet Coke!