37 Questions with Steve Soroka

If you walk through the doors at Block Club, chances are you’ll be greeted by our studio manager, Steve Soroka. Whether he’s plotting the logistics for a major project, working on invoices and expenses, or managing the day-to-day of our office, Steve keeps us running as efficiently as possible. In our latest 37 Questions—our humble nod to Vogue’s 73Steve opens up about his five minutes of fame and his ever-evolving role at Block Club.

  1. What are you looking forward to?

    Football season!

  2. What makes you happy?

    A Bills victory

  3. What’s the last thing you listened to?

    This morning’s episode of The Daily. The content is usually not very pleasant, but it’s well produced and keeps me informed.

  4. What’s the best thing you listened to lately?

    Naveen G, opening for Sasha & Digweed

  5. Do you collect anything?

    Movie ticket stubs. I have nearly all of them going back to 1996 when I saw The Rock three consecutive times.

  6. What is one thing people might not know about you?

    I was threatened by George Lucas’s attorneys right after I graduated high school and got out of it unscathed

  7. Umm…details, please?

    I received a cease and desist from 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm after putting a Star Wars Episode 1 trailer on eBay. They said I needed to send the trailer back and tell them where I got it. So, I cut a large slit down the side of an envelope, wrote “Important: Contains Star Wars: Episode 1 Trailer” in big letters, and mailed it empty. My hope was that they would assume someone stole the trailer. They must have, because I never heard from them again.

  8. Did anything else happen after that?

    I was contacted several times by Variety asking for an interview, but I ignored them. When the front-page story initially ran, I laughed out loud. They used a photo of the trailer from my eBay listing. You could see my Ghostbusters figures in the background!

  9. What did you study in school?

    Media studies with a concentration in film

  10. Where have you lived besides WNY?

    Los Angeles

  11. What did you do before you joined Block Club?

    I drove out to LA to see what the movie industry was all about. I spent four fun-filled years there and learned a lot. The biggest thing I learned, though, was that there was no way I wanted to start/raise a family so far away from home.

  12. What are you proud of?

    I’m proud of recently hitting the 10-year wedding anniversary mark with my beautiful wife Lindsey.

  13. What are you passionate about?

    My children

  14. Who do you look up to?

    All of my grandparents. I find myself thinking of them often and what they taught me during the time we had together.

  15. What do you do for fun?

    I love playing with my kids and adjusting to their mindset when I do. Not having a care in the world other than what to play with next is a great way to spend the day.

  16. Do you have any hobbies?

    I love playing frolf (disc golf) at Emery Park in East Aurora. It’s free and a great way to get some exercise and fresh air in a beautiful setting.

  17. What is the best thing you heard someone say today?

    “Is that a freckle on your toe?”

  18. What is your best habit?

    I’m sure my wife Lindsey would tell you that it’s how I can’t sit down or relax if there is a dirty dish in the sink.

  19. What is your worst habit?

    Cracking my knuckles

  20. What makes you nervous?

    Being late to anything

  21. What do you like about your job?

    How no two days are the same

  22. What is challenging about your job?

    Remembering all of the things I need to remember

  23. What does an ideal day off of work look like?

    Alone time with coffee in the morning, some frolf in the afternoon, hanging with my family in the evening, and watching a good film at night

  24. What’s your best organization hack?

    An ever-evolving to-do list in Apple Notes

  25. What’s on your to-do list today?

    Finish up a big website project, some accounts receivable follow-up, and making sure a new photo studio space is set in time for a shoot tomorrow

  26. What apps can’t you live without?

    I use The New York Times app for news, Google Photos for the best back-up and discovery service for my photos, and Evernote to keep track of random thoughts and ideas.

  27. What television series have you been loving lately?

    Stranger Things. I was in tears of joy during the last episode of season three when Dustin and his girlfriend started singing one of the quintessential songs from my childhood.

  28. For those of us who aren’t caught up yet, which song was it?

    They sang the theme song to another one of my favorite movies, The NeverEnding Story.

  29. How long have you been with Block Club?

    A long time—11 years!

  30. How has your job evolved over time?

    Quite a bit! I started doing photography for the since-retired Block Club magazine, before the agency even existed. Then, when the agency was starting, I built websites for clients. I was a project manager for a few years and in my latest role, I’m studio manager.

  31. What does a studio manager do?

    I handle a lot of the day-to-day needs at the office—everything from sending out invoices to making sure everyone has what they need to do their job. I also manage internal projects and jump in on client projects as needed.

  32. Can you offer any office management tips?

    Find vendors that you enjoy working with and that you trust for things like IT, printers, and office improvements.

  33. Do you have a favorite Block Club memory?

    Dancing all night at our release party for the final issue of Block Club magazine.

  34. How has Block Club changed for the better?

    We’ve grown in a smart way over the years, which has allowed us to service our clients better and offer new services.

  35. Do you miss anything about the old days?

    I miss coming up with new content ideas for each issue of the magazine and all the people we’d meet as a result of those ideas.

  36. What do you want to accomplish?

    To be proud of my career and the contributions I made when it’s time to retire

  37. How do you want to be remembered?

    I want to be remembered as a kind colleague, friend, father, and husband.