3D Printing Process

3D Printing, Stop-motion’s Savior

New technology can be scary. It can often replace human work, making jobs obsolete. But we fear what we don’t know. We sometimes forget that new technology and innovations are brand new shiny tools, meant to solve problems more efficiently and effectively—new technology can make your job easier.

Computer technology has come a long way to revolutionize the animation industry, effectively replacing traditional cell animation. At one point it was thought to have made stop-motion animation a thing of the past as well. But now with advancements in the 3D printing process, stop-motion animation has never had it better.

By combining the technology of computer animation with the 3D printing process, folks in the industry are now able to create an entirely new way of producing a story with stop-motion techniques. The 3D technology has helped to create animated stories with a higher sense of detail on a larger scale.

Take a look at how 3D printing has changed stop-motion animation, and how technology can help move creativity forward.