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Airstream, 2017

In a twisted sort of way, I tend to connote the Airstream brand to vintage pop-up stores and juice trucks. Usually Kickstarted. This is a far cry from the mobile lodging that Airstream offered my parents’ generation. Those old silver bullets have been fully appropriated by, um, juice-based entrepreneurs.

But the brand captured my attention when it acquired Nest Caravans (above, bottom left) in 2016, which has been an object of my hipster-leaning affection ever since it found its way to my wife’s Pinterest page.

Airstream seems to have learned a thing or two from Nest, having applied many of its features to their 2017 Basecamp model. The aluminum-bodied Basecamp looks like a mobile tin cup (this is a good thing) and is filled with bungee nets, solar panels and plugs, which nods at aspirational outdoorsmen like me (who check email and Instagram while camping). Savvy brands stick with the times and the Basecamp is a clear play at millennials. I’m in, hook, line and sinker.

Is it small enough to trail from a Vespa?