On Being More Productive in 2019

Exercise more regularly? Maybe.

Eat better? My wife is always there to make sure that happens.

Be more productive? Definitely. As studio manager at a busy brand strategy agency, I’m always on the hunt for new tools and methods to help me work more efficiently. Some of my favorite techniques from 2018 will be coming with me into the new year.

  • Grammarly: This app and Chrome extension has saved me from an embarrassing grammar or spelling slipup numerous times. Not only does this software catch these types of issues, it suggests ways to improve the strength of your writing. This is a paid-for service that is worth every cent.
  • Notes: this Mac application that ships with every computer has saved me so much time over the years. I used to carry a Moleskin notebook to plot out my to-do list every day, but I ended up wasting a bunch of time writing the same list more or less every single day. Copying and pasting notes and then making any edits has saved me a ton of time.
  • Meditation: I’ve tried a handful of mediation apps over the years and have found Oak to the best. This app teaches you the fundamentals to eventually practice app-free meditation. I’ve seen that when I stick with a meditation routine, I’m much more productive and in a much better mood than if I’m not meditating.
  • Evernote: When you come across a great article that you want to read, but don’t have the time, the Evernote Clipper extension for Chrome is super handy. I like to think of it as modern-day bookmarking, as you can clip an entire article and save it for later. You can also create as many “notebooks” within the Evernote app as you’d like.

Cheers to a more productive 2019!