Ben’s Fall Reading List

Keep your pumpkin spice. Fall, for me, is about books. New titles come out all year long, of course, but this is my favorite time of year to hunker down with a new tome. Anytime I’m in a book store (usually Talking Leaves), I’ll take out my phone and snap photos of books I want to read; sometimes it’s just the cover design that catches my attention.

Once our unusual summerfall officially calls it a day, I plan on digging into these, starting with Alice Waters’s food-culture memoir and Adam Gopnik’s New York anthology. I’m not familiar with John McPhee or Fred Hersch, but their nonfiction about writing and jazz, respectively, look encouraging. I’ve always appreciated Francis Ford Coppola’s reflections about filmmaking, so I’m eager to read what he has to say about the cinema space. And for some nostalgia, I’m hoping David Litt’s memoir about being a White House speechwriter will lift my political spirits a little.

Happy reading, everyone. 🙂