Chrome Extensions FTW!

As brand managers, we’re always looking for tools to help save time or be more efficient. There are hundreds of extensions that can be integrated within Chrome to do any number of things. Some help you save money while others are more for fun. Here are some that we often use here at Block Club:

Last Password Manager
Last Password Manager integrates with my Last Pass account, where I have 400-plus logins stored to various sites. Anytime I log into a site for the first time the extension recognizes this and offers to save this information for future use. This tool saves me so much time in auto-populating the usernames and passwords for all the sites I have to log into.

Evernote Web Clipper
Whenever I’m reading an article that I want to reference at a later time I use Evernote Web Clipper to easily send the info directly to my Evernote account. Think of this as a glorified bookmarking program—save full pages, single articles or just a snippet to reference later.

Always Clear Downloads
I always find it annoying when a program doesn’t let you turn a feature on or off. For example, in Chrome, there isn’t a way to automatically close the downloads bar after you download a file from the web. Always Clear Downloads is a simple little remedy that gives me back a little bit of sanity I would otherwise lose having to manually close that bar each time I download something.

Currently is a simple extension that provides you with the current time and weather, along with the forecast for the next few days. No efficiencies or time-saving here; just a more pleasant way to browse the web each time you open a new tab. If you’re looking for something a little less informational and a little more playful you can download Tabby Cat to get a new furry friend with each new tab.

If you do any amount of online shopping, Honey is a great extension to make sure you never miss a deal or coupon code with your purchases. Honey aggregates the best and most used codes for savings and alerts you to any special deals available on the site you’re browsing. There are some advanced features as well, but it’s great for saving a few bucks on everything from Amazon orders to domain purchases.

Full Page Screen Capture
If you’ve ever needed to review a full website page on one screen Full Page Screen Capture is a lifesaver. No more trying to adjust screen size or stitch together screenshots of a page. The extension crawls your browser and creates a PNG file of the whole page for simple viewing. It also keeps a list of every capture you’ve taking so you can reference it later.

If you’ve ever had a coworker saddle up to your desk to chit chat for just a little bit too long, NOPE can bail you out. Think of it like a small talk panic button. If you need to get out of a too-long conversation just hit the button and NOPE will give your phone a ring. A recording on the other end will walk you through some charades to give your coworker the message that you can’t talk any more. Of course, we’d never use this at our office, but… others may find it handy.