So I recently became a dad, and becoming a new dad means I get to fill up my son’s room with cool toys like little stuffed luchadores, wooden weiner-dog toys, GI Joes (eventually) and books. Books with wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations; drawings by artists and illustrators meant to inspire and get those little imaginations running wild.

Sometimes kids’ books don’t have illustrations at all, and they’re still super rad. My wife showed me this book called “The Book With No Pictures,” by B.J. Novak, who you might know from role as Ryan on “The Office.”

The book, apropos of its name, contains no pictures, only words. Type jumps, pops and BLuURfs its way through the clean, white pages, becoming the hero of the story. The book is meant to be read out loud, and uses the type as cues to shift the readers voice up and down and all around, creating sounds and characters throughout the book.

Watch Novak read the book to a group of elementary students:

I began reading it and couldn’t help but raise and lower my own voice. It’s a great way to show how typography can be used to support a story when a picture may not worth a thousand words.