Block Club Christmas Playlist

Santa’s Secret Helpers Deluxe Xmas Playlist

It’s December 1st so it’s time to choose a side between the people who plug their ears and complain about Christmas music for the next four weeks and the people who embrace the sounds of the season with a peppermint grin and enough fingers of whiskey to get a real nice sing-a-long going.

For everyone on my team (that would be the Friends of Christmas team) here is a little mix to welcome the most wonderful time of the year with my top of the top Christmas songs, mostly from the Big Four albums (Elvis, Phil Spector, Beach Boys, Sufjan Stevens), which I have not been listening to since Halloween.

Special acknowledgement to my maternal grandmother, who loved Elvis almost as much as she loved tinsel and C9 lights, and who is probably responsible for the passing of the Christmas spirit gene unto me, for which I am forever grateful.

*gets escorted from premises for not including Mariah Carey*