Launching Issue 40: Home

And so, it came to pass Friday night, after months of anticipation and eight years of hard work, that Block Club magazine’s last launch party was a big blast.

Issue 40: Home received a beautiful sendoff, in typical Block Club fashion: amazing guests—some of our closest friends, family, supporters, advertisers, clients, contributors, partners and more; delectable food courtesy The Black Sheep and Nickel City Cheese Mercantile; flowing wine from Leonard Oakes and beer from Big Ditch Brewing Company; solid beats ‘till dawn from ABCDJ; brand new art, as featured in the final issue, plus a display of every one of Block Club’s 40 issues; and the very last one, written with love about this lovely home of ours. (You can find it on free newsstands now.)

If you could somehow capture eight years of exhilarating work into one evening, this was it. We will surely have other parties down the line, and they will surely be great, but this one, so far, was the greatest.

Thanks, Buffalo!