Block Club Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Block Club’s 2016 Need/Want Gift Guide

Remember last year when we unveiled our inaugural need/want gift list?

Each team member semi-facetiously called out a few big ticket “want” items that they wish they could receive, alongside a simpler, more practical “need”. It was a partially functional, mostly fantastical list. Times were simpler then.

Since then, 2016 revealed itself as the year of “this is why we can’t have nice things”. So we took another stab at curating a list of items that we need (using “need” very loosely) and items we want, but will likely never actually obtain, with similar yet more polarized results. Enjoy!

“I need this soon-to-be-released fidget cube so I can stop fidgeting with my favorite rings and losing them in every dark corner of every restaurant and office conference room that I step foot in. I want this beautiful and remote property in Montana to resolve my deep-rooted ring flinging tendencies.” – Margaret, Labs project manager

“It’s about time to get a new pair of boots. I am super rough on shoes and clothing, but if the reputation of Red Wing Shoes is what it is, these Roughneck boots are exactly what I need. What I want is a new snowblower like this one from Husqvarna—one that sounds like a viking built it. The snow blower I currently own is more like a snow-puke-all-over-itself machine.” – Tim, designer

“I need an actual non-duffel bag, non-backpack suitcase like the Victorinox Spectra for some upcoming trips, for which I will need to bring more than one pair of jeans. At 32, I’ve never actually rolled a box of my clothes across a smooth airport floor like I see all the real adults doing, and it seems like a blast. I want a spot in the Mars One settlement on the red planet so I can get the hell off this rock before it all goes down the tubes. Come one Elon Musk, hurry up already! Any chance we can make this happen in the next 4 weeks? I’m ready. ” – Ryan, designer

“I need a Poler Napsack. If I’m home, I like to wear the comfiest clothing I own. My problem is that I can’t sit still, and blankets don’t last long on my body. The Napsack is the ideal article of clothing for the restless lounger. I want tickets to see The Weeknd in Toronto! His new album is fantastic (I have forced many people at Block Club to listen to it and I will not apologize for that, it’s for their own good) and he’s performing at the Air Canada Center in May.” – Dave, director of business development

“Given that I just got married and received a ton of incredibly generous gifts, I can’t think of anything I need, even in a first-world kind of way. What I want is a large-scale print from my favorite photographer, Ryan McGinley. ” – Brandon, creative director

“I need a weekender bag, like this one from Everlane, for carry-on air travel (au revoir!) and to inspire my goal to make better use of my weekends and have more adventures in 2017. I need The Lion King official soundtrack on vinyl, which currently goes for $550 on Amazon and really shouldn’t need any explanation, unless you are someone with really bad taste who is too jaded to appreciate good things like Hans Zimmer and openly weeping at an animated movie about talking lions at age 28.” – Julie, designer

“This year, I need a new camera—preferably the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II—so I don’t have to lug around my huge DSLR anymore. What I want is this gorgeous IC Lights F floor lamp from FLOS, because I’m apparently the type of person who thinks they can be trusted with a $900 lamp.” – Pat, brand manager

“I am in desperate need of a new pair of winter boots! A pair that looks good, keeps the snow out and my feet warm. I have my eye on this pair from Clarks and hope Santa can fit these in his sleigh. I want Terry and Kim Pegula to clean house over at One Bills Drive and fire everyone. While this isn’t the nicest thing to do during this time of the year, I’m hopeful that a complete reboot will put us on a path to break the playoff drought within the next few years.” – Steve, brand manager

“I really enjoy smooth soup. I need an immersion blender like this one from Williams-Sonoma so that I can make smooth soup whenever I want. My couch is fine, I guess, but the cushions are reshaping as we speak, and unless I’ve gotten taller in my 30s, it’s no longer accommodating my height. I guess my couch is not fine, so I want this Hughes sectional.” – Ben, content strategist

“I need these Patagonia hiking pants for a few upcoming outdoor adventures. I want a do-over of the 2016 election.” – Patrick, principal

Happy Holidays from Block Club, and may we all have a great 2017!

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