From the Intern’s Desk: Interning at Block Club

Being the new intern on the “block” was an exciting, fast-paced experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. At Block Club, you are not just their intern, but treated as a respected colleague. The team takes pride in its work, and takes the time to show you how to do things properly the first time. I am so fortunate to have worked under some truly amazing designers, writers, brand managers and creative director Brandon.

If you are looking for a well respected internship that will give you the knowledge you need to be a great designer, Block Club is the place to be. They not only teach you the trade but everything that goes along with it.

Some things I learned during my internship:

  • How to properly organize files
  • Slack has a giphy lounge (enough said)
  • How to do a press check
  • The best ideas may very well come to you while you are in the shower
  • How to communicate in a professional manor to your clients
  • Don’t be afraid to try the craziest ideas because they might just be your best idea

I am excited to know that I am leaving this internship with more knowledge than I ever expected. It was important to me to learn a little bit from everyone in the office. They are an incredibly smart bunch of individuals and I really enjoyed my time here.

Interested in interning at Block Club this summer? Send your info to [email protected].

– Nate