Casual Science Package

Package from Casual Science

Block Club pal Candace Camuglia, informally* known as Casual Science, professionally known as Three Seas Photo Co., sent me a darling package of mini goods this week. I won this gift pack a few weeks back after entering a Facebook contest Candace offered through Three Seas, a photography studio that caters to weddings and portraits.

Candace’s editorial photos appeared in two issues of Block Club, including the penultimate Away issue. I loved her blog post about the experience shooting a story about the people of Tonawanda, whose local newspaper had shuttered after 135 years in print. Her work speaks volumes of her desire to capture, without fuss, the sight of real life. It was a pleasure working with her for those two issues, and as hints at, it was enjoyable for her, too.

Candace now lives in Ashtabula, Ohio, but comes back often, documenting her subjects and publishing their stories in a variety of formats—photography, chap books, postcards and much more. You might catch her at the Small Press Book Fair or some such craft show.

I never enter contests, so I definitely don’t win them; who knows if the selection process that ruled in my favor was entirely kosher or not (though she maintains, and I trust that, it was), but in any case, I now have a super sweet collection of little treasures to remember this awesome artist friend.

*I wanted so badly to use “casually” without being redundant, but I’m good with “informally” just the same.