Block Club Retreat 2016

Block Club’s 2016 Retreat: Impact, Vision and Some Horsing Around

Where is our place in the world? What impact will we have? That was the focus of Block Club’s 2016 retreat.

Block Club will celebrate its ninth year in business this spring. As we mature, we turn our focus and vision to understanding our place in the world and the impact that we’ll have on our city, our region, the world and our industry.

For two days the team gathers offsite, isolated from the distractions of daily life. We devote ourselves to the objectives at hand and build on the foundation of Block Club to plan the future of our company. We left the retreat proud to be of Buffalo, but more devoted than ever before to not limit ourselves to Buffalo. Soon, we’ll be announcing some of the outcomes of the retreat, including more information about our newest venture, Block Club Labs.

It’s important to get out of the office, to turn off your email, to clear your mind, to retreat. I feel refreshed and energized! I hope to make this escape a more regular thing.