Block Club’s Winter Break Binge Picks

Block Club’s Winter Break Binge Picks

The Block Club office is closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (lucky us!), and prior to leaving the team had been vigorously swapping notes on the best shows to binge watch during the break. Whether you have time away from the office, too, or you’re just looking to a new series to distract you from your work please consider our team’s recommendations the next time you plop down on the couch.

Search Party! It’s like Broad City meets Twin Peaks—a strange, slightly confusing combination in the best binge-worthy way. You can watch on TBS/on-demand.” – Margaret, Labs project manager

The Wire is an oldie, but I’d consider it the O.G. of binge-worthy television. If you watch this series (HBO/HBO Go), you’ll probably never leave your couch, probably forget to shower, grow a beard and never go back to work again. Every character in this show has gone onto other shows you’ve probably binged on, so go to the source and I’ll see you in 2018.” – Tim, designer

Insecure is a quick, funny show on HBO that makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. You can plow through the first season during a cozy holiday-break morning.” – Patrick, principal


“You’ve got to watch the first two seasons of Sensitive Skin on Netflix. Originally run on HBO Canada, it stars Kim Cattrall as an aging Torontonian grappling with vanity and the purpose of life. It’s both funny and heartbreaking, plus the cinematography is gorgeous. There are only six 30-minute episodes per season, so it’s a breeze to watch.”” – Pat, brand manager

The West Wing has always been my go-to binge, but never more so than now. The Bartlet White House was a beacon of hope, intellect, service, equality, professionalism and democracy. It never fails to resonate. It’s also some of the best writing, acting and production ever assembled on one show.” – Ben, content strategist

“I recommend the HBO series High Maintenance. Like Broad City, it started as an independent web series that got picked up by a network, so it has that fresh, no-rules DIY vibe without the cliche trappings of bigger productions. There’s only one 6-episode season (on HBO), so it makes for a nice light binge. You could even binge on this show to take a break from your other more laborious binges! Each episode is a self-contained vignette and the sole recurring character functions as a sort of scaffold for introducing new characters and situations. The writing is full of dry humor and sharp satire about New York City life that is incredibly smart but can also be very sentimental or insightful on larger social issues. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something focused on pure storytelling with such a new and unique voice.” – Ryan, designer

“I recently binged through both seasons of Bloodline over a long weekend. It’s a dramatic thriller with all of the fixings to make it binge-worthy: dark family secrets, a whole lotta drama, crime, and of course, cliffhangers.” – Brandon, creative director

“Going in a different direction, I highly recommend letting your ears binge on a new podcast series called LifeAfter. This is the second series from GE Podcast Theater, who released “The Message” last year. Both of these series are fictional thrillers and are a throwback to the days of 1940’s and 50’s radio. Episodes of LifeAfter have been coming out weekly, but this week they are releasing an episode per day leading up to the finale.”