A New Resource for Workforce Training

As part of our branding work for Northland Workforce Training Center, we developed a new website. The site’s aesthetic complements all of the brand collateral we designed, and features full-scale photography, bold color blocking and custom iconography—creating an engaging, visual space to help educate prospective Northland students and employers about the training center’s unique offerings.

The website guides prospective students through all of the different technical programs that are offered, and financial aid and support services. Prospective students can get a sense for what kind of employment opportunities could fit the individual, and what kind of a place Northland is going to be.

In addition to Northland’s technical training, some of its key offerings are the comprehensive, wraparound support services. We developed a custom icon system to help demonstrate the breadth of services. Northland understands that there are many challenges people face on the way to success; students can take advantage of career coaching, financial aid and counseling, childcare, transportation assistance, and post-placement retention services, to name a few.

According to Stephen Tucker, president & CEO of Northland Workforce Training Center, working with Block Club has been a valuable component of their marketing branding, strategy and marketing efforts.

“We are extremely pleased with the branding, collateral and website developed for Northland Workforce Training Center by Block Club. Their methodical approach combined with their creativity produced a distinct brand, look and image that will allow Northland to stand out from our competitors,” says Tucker.

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