AngelList Confidential Goes Virtual

Each year, AngelList Confidential brings together its community of investors, founders, and startup operators to discuss the state of the venture industry. And Like many conferences in 2020, the fifth annual AngelList Confidential went virtual.

The virtual conference promised opportunities to network and connect with leading angels, VCs, and founders; offered insights from veterans and next-generation investors on investment strategies; and gave participants an exclusive first look into product announcements and the future of AngelList Venture. To create the virtual home of AngelList Confidential in 2020, AngelList turned to Block Club.

Guided by AngelList’s brand standards, Block Club developed a visual identity for the fifth edition of its annual conference. We then quickly launched a website that highlights speakers, the conference agenda, and made it easy to interested participants to register.

The conference is running from September 8-10, 2020. After the conference wraps, the website will host content from the conference and became a resource library for those looking to learn more from the AngelList community.

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