Announcing HOPEBuffalo.org

A few months ago, we unveiled the visual identity that Block Club created for HOPE Buffalo, a new initiative focused on improving the lives and opportunities for adolescents by facilitating a community-driven response to reduce teen pregnancy in nine select zip codes in Erie County—HOPE is an acronym for Health, Opportunity, Prevention and Education. We’re excited to announce that the next phase of this important project is now complete with the launch of HOPEBuffalo.org.

This informative website is a crucial tool in fulfilling HOPE Buffalo’s goal of reducing teen pregnancy in select Buffalo neighborhoods. So, much careful thought was put into the design and strategy of this project. Much like the brand itself, the crux of this project was creating something that would be engaging to all of the varied target audiences at once. This website will be a highly functional tool for a range of professionals and adult community members, including doctors, pastors, parents and teachers—yet most importantly, it has to engage teenagers at the same time, otherwise the initiative will not succeed. This presented an interesting design challenge and I think we came to some creative solutions that make this website both fun and youthful, yet helpful and easy to use for all.

Visually, we expanded on the themes developed in the branding of many different components overlapping and coming together to create hope. The aesthetic is bright and vivid, bold and fun, yet we took care to make sure that the content sections of the site would be highly functional and well organized to easily connect users to the myriad resources contained within.

The homepage leads off with a hero section of bold messaging, speaking directly to some of the key audiences the initiative is seeking to reach. This campaign and language was developed by Block Club to support and reinforce the key messages of HOPE Buffalo—that every teen has the right to control their own future, and a support network in the greater community to help them make positive choices and support their decisions whatever they may be.

Within the site, content is broken up by the six key audiences identified in the initiative, each with its own directory of resources and tools to help support that particular role in enhancing the health and well-being of adolescents in our community by empowering them to make healthy, positive decisions for themselves.

Head over to hopebuffalo.org today to explore the whole site for yourself and take the pledge to join this important movement and do your part to help.

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