Block Club Launches Residency Program, Sends First Staffer to Live Abroad

We’re going international!

Beginning Monday, October 10, Block Club’s own Ben Siegel will spend five weeks living and working in Amsterdam, as part of the branding and strategy agency’s pilot residency program. During Ben’s stay, he will explore Dutch culture, meet with area creative agencies, and learn about local design, art and business; he will also continue to work, remotely, on all existing and ongoing client projects. Throughout his residency, Ben will blog regularly about his travels and findings, and will share a thorough presentation with the team upon his return in November.

Ben is the first of the team to participate in this innovative new initiative. He and his colleagues have been developing the residency program since last winter, when co-owners Patrick Finan and Brandon Davis revealed plans for the project at the company’s annual retreat. Block Club intends to send three employees abroad every year, each to a different international city. Ben chose Amsterdam for its high number of creative agencies and the city’s prevalent use of English. Ben is Block Club’s content strategist, and is responsible for all copywriting and editing.

“Amsterdam is one of those unique international cities, in that it is distinctly European in its cosmopolitanism and diversity, and also very friendly to English-speaking travelers. It will be an ideal place for me to meet and connect with a network of influencers and contemporaries,” says Ben. “It is an absolute thrill to be afforded this opportunity in the name of professional development. I expect to bring back a wealth of knowledge and also share the Block Club brand on the international stage.”

Among the agency’s goals for the program is the added value that its traveling staff will bring to the company. A small and agile team of designers, strategists, writers and entrepreneurs, Block Club has long been on the cutting edge of innovative business practices and strategic development. Patrick points out that this program will benefit everything the agency touches.

“This is really exciting, because our residency program is not only going to benefit the individual travelers, but the knowledge and insight they will bring back will influence the work we do for our clients, which will in turn benefit the local business and nonprofit communities,” says Patrick. “It is our intent to infuse our work with new and innovative business practices, methodologies and perspectives.”

Be sure to follow Ben’s Amsterdam residency here and on Facebook and Instagram beginning next week.

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