Canopy: Content & Inbound Marketing

A Comprehensive Inbound Campaign for Startup Lead Generation

Canopy is a London-based financial and property tech startup working to build a simplified and transparent data-based digital ecosystem for tenants, landlords, and leasing agents through services supported by Experian and Open Banking data. For tenants, Canopy offers a signature product, RentPassport™, to track their rental history, allowing them to build their credit scores and replace rental deposits with an affordable insurance product. For landlords and leasing agents, Canopy offers fast, affordable, and comprehensive tenants screening and referencing services, helping them find the best-fit tenants for their properties while saving them time and money.

After Block Club interviewed the Canopy team as part of our content development work for Plaid, Canopy engaged Block Club to strategize on and execute a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign to attract and nurture new leads.

This project includes:

  • Inbound strategy development and execution
  • Automated nurturing email workflow development
  • Thought leadership and sales enablement content strategy and execution
  • Branded modular landing page template development
  • Branded modular email template development
  • Content landing page development
  • HubSpot platform training
  • Digital ad strategy and execution
  • Management, optimization, and reporting of inbound campaign performance

As with all content marketing projects managed by Block Club, content was developed with the buyer’s journey in mind, including:

  • Awareness-stage thought leadership content
  • Consideration-stage sales content, presenting Canopy as a best-fit solution via simplified sales explainers on how and why Canopy products work
  • Deal-closing phase content, with case studies to ensure each sales lead understands exactly how Canopy can help them succeed amid unique industry challenges

We are currently building an inbound marketing system within HubSpot Marketing Professional to host Canopy’s new content. The system is optimized to attract and nurture new leads toward closing and to retain newly closed customers. Here are just some of the ways we are achieving our goal:

  • Pay-per-click search engine ads and property website ad placements drive visitors to gated landing pages optimized to capture lead information for email nurturing.
  • Once captured, leads are auto-enrolled in Canopy’s automated email workflow, which shares thought leadership and sales enablement content at a set cadence to shepherd them through the buyer’s journey. Calls-to-action (CTAs) for product offers, demo requests, and direct lines to the sales team allow leads to self-escalate to a point further down the sales funnel at any point.
  • When a lead clicks a CTA, the Canopy sales team is alerted and prompted to take over communication with the lead to manage a closed deal.
  • Upon closing, customers are auto-enrolled in a separate customer retention email workflow, where they will continue to receive educational content on Canopy’s features and benefits, driving continued service engagement.

Upon completion of this project, Canopy will have a marketing system to capture and nurture new leads in service of the company’s internal sales goals. Within HubSpot, all closed deals can be attributed to the specific digital marketing ads and content that successfully captured and nurtured each lead, allowing for increasingly data-driven ad investments and content development choices in the future.

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