Helping You Discover Buffalo By Bike

We’re stretching into the dog days of summer, but it’s not over yet! This summer we launched a campaign for Shared Mobility to help people get out and discover Buffalo by bike, to soak up the season and be active on two wheels. We worked with our partners over at Crowley Webb. Shared Mobility is an organization comprised of the good folks at REDDY Bike Share, GObike Buffalo and Slow Roll Buffalo. Each organization has their own mission, but they all work toward the goal of helping more folks use bikes as a mode of transportation.

Our goal of the campaign was to get the great people of our city and region, as well as those visiting us from out of town, to get excited and to see Buffalo from the vantage point of a bike.

We photographed different cultural destinations throughout the city and paired them with a first-person point of view from behind the handlebars of a bike, showcasing the city’s beautiful locales.

When you ride a bike, you see a city in a whole different light. It’s much easier to take in the scenery and get a little exercise, and all while getting to your destination safely and quickly. Parking a bike is much easier and cheaper than trying to find a parking spot. The City of Buffalo has also committed to installing hundreds of miles of bicycle facilities on Buffalo’s spoke-like street grid; add to that the availability to hop on one of the many REDDY bike rentals parked in almost every neighborhood. It’s never been easier to get around, take in the sights or participate in one of the many events GObike Buffalo, REDDY Bike Share or Slow Roll Buffalo put on.

It hasn’t snowed yet, so hop on a bike and discover Buffalo by bike.

Ready for better? We can help.