Inside the Invest Buffalo Niagara Rebrand

Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, longtime clients of Block Club approached us last year for help with the naming, identity, collateral and launch of their rebrand. Buffalo Niagara Enterprise chose to rebrand primarily to help focus and elevate the audience’s attention; they felt their existing name was too vague and that elements of the brand had not sufficiently grown in tandem with the region’s growth. It was time for an update.

The new name, Invest Buffalo Niagara, was chosen to more deliberately communicate the organization’s impact on the region. “Invest” encapsulates the benefits for both the companies that the organization attracts and the regional economy; “Buffalo Niagara” was included to not only identify the target region, but also to maintain consistency in the transition from Buffalo Niagara Enterprise to Invest Buffalo Niagara.

The new typographic identity for Invest Buffalo Niagara uses overlapping, geometric letterforms as a lens into the collaboration, community and dedication it takes to bring new or expanding businesses to the Buffalo Niagara Region. The exponentially raised “BUFFALO NIAGARA” is a nod towards the growth of the region as we welcome a stronger economy, more talent and an overall upward trajectory.

Block Club worked with director John Paget of Paget Films to create an announcement video that explains the new name, reveals the new identity, and re-affirms the brand’s commitment to mission and vision.

Additional work is underway to implement the rebrand, including various marketing and collateral materials, like stationery, brochures and a brand new website. These tools will help Invest Buffalo Niagara as they continue in the great work they do for the region.

From the official Invest Buffalo Niagara press release: “I want to recognize and thank our partners at Block Club for their contributions to this rebrand initiative,” said Jenna Kavanaugh, Marketing & Communications Director of Invest Buffalo Niagara. “Together we engaged in a formal brand review process that included substantial research, competitive analysis, client evaluation, surveys, organizational dialogue and ideation. The result is a modern name and new look that allows us to keep pace with local economic progress and best tell the story of our community’s attractiveness for business investment.”

Here’s to continued growth and innovation in our hometown!

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