Introducing the latest from Tommyrotter Distillery

Tommyrotter Distillery released the latest in their line of spirits this week, and Block Club continued our work on label design and brand development. The Napa Valley Heritage Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey is finished in cabernet sauvignon barrels and is the first in Tommyrotter’s Masterwork Collection, all limited releases of specialty products that employ unique sourcing, blending and barreling techniques.

As Tommyrotter expands its offerings, we enjoyed exploring new iconography and color systems for each spirit that complement the designs of the distillery’s existing gins and vodka.

Want to pick up a bottle? Tommyrotter is hosting a cocktail party this Friday in the atrium of 500 Seneca to celebrate their second anniversary. A ticket gets you first rights to buy the new bourbon and a chance to win a free bottle.

Photo: Luke Copping

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