New Signage for Lexington Co-op Markets

New Signage for Lexington Co-op Markets

My work has been dominated by signage design this year as we worked to bring the Lexington Co-op’s new brand to life at the second location, on Hertel Avenue, and soon at the Elmwood store as well.

I have learned so much from our signage vendors about how to bring ideas to fruition. There are seemingly infinite possibilities between materials, lighting and mounting options. It’s exciting going into the new store on Hertel and seeing all of our work in the flesh—from the identity on the front of the building to the giant cow gracing the dairy coolers—after existing only in my mind and on a computer screen for so long. Here is a peek at a few of the many pieces of signage we designed from screen to real life.

Aisle Signs

Produce Sign

Soup Bar Sign

Farmer and Producer Map

Patterned Wall Divider

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