Tommyrotter Distillery Releases Limited Run Bourbon Barrel Gin

Recently we designed a label for our friends over at Tommyrotter Distillery, who have released a limited run spin-off of their award-winning American Gin. The new spirit is a cask strength bourbon barrel gin, which is finished for six months in brand new American white oak char #3 barrels.

The system we’ve designed for Tommyrotter’s labels is intentionally flexible to allow for experimentation with flavors and new-product development. For the bourbon barrel gin, we designed a bottle that uses a new pattern in the neck label, inspired by the pattern we made for the American Gin, with red horizontal bars incorporated from the new illustration of a cask barrel on the main label. We love how they turned out; it’s especially cool to see the bottles with a dark liquor in them for the first time.

The Cask Strength Bourbon-Barrel Gin is a limited release and will be on sale at the Tommyrotter Distillery tasting room. We’ve got our fingers crossed that our family-and-friends discount might help us snag a bottle *nudge nudge*.

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