Turning Happy Customers Into Ambassadors

In 2017, the Swan Street Diner officially opened its doors and flipped its first flapjack. This Larkinville attraction is another example of how a great concept, plus smart branding and design (by Block Club!), can activate a space to such levels of excitement that customers pick up some of your marketing lift for you. Our friends at Big Ditch Brewing Company did something similar by installing a series of murals we designed throughout their space.

The combination of Swan Street’s diner car, and the brand’s collateral, menu and logo design, plus really great food and all of their wonderful employees, create a wonderful customer experience. This is the kind of engagement any brand dreams of, when they pick up the marketing baton and advocate on behalf of your brand, either through old-fashioned word-of-mouth recommendations, or today’s equivalent: a post on social media. On Instagram alone the hashtag #swanstreetdiner is full of great photos, some from the diner’s account but a whole lot more from all of their happy customers posting their experiences, interacting with the brand and sharing with all of their friends. These are Swan Street’s ambassadors, and they’re loving it.

People will always like taking photos of their food, which is why great design should always be considered; folks will want to include your logo, menu, collateral, to-go coffee cup and more within their shot of eggs Benedict. You might as well make sure your brand is piping hot, too.


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