The Struggle Is Real…ly Funny

As my colleague Julie so finely stated, it’s not easy to talk about millennials. And yet, here we are, a huge generation of private citizens (and consumers), trying to find our way through a rapidly changing world that feels increasingly unsafe, unprotected and unreliable.

How do we handle that pressure? We reach out and share with strangers, compulsively telling our stories to anyone who will listen. That’s got to feel substantial, right—a rapt audience ready for our every word? What could possibly go wrong? No wonder older generations don’t get us; we don’t even really get us.

Comedian Bo Burnham digs into this ever-expanding (infinite? black hole?) topic in his new special, “Make Happy,” premiering June 3 on Netflix. Here’s the trailer:

I totally get what Burnham’s talking about, even though I’m eight years older than he is, and arguably not 100-percent millennial. I definitely remember life before social media, and often miss it. But I also embrace what it offers, and more often than not, succumb to its pressures without even thinking about it. What he says about living life without an audience strikes me as the new jackpot. I don’t really want a billion dollars, or an island of my own (….wait). I’d just like some privacy. Zero expectations. Clarity. Patience. Peace and quiet. An audience of one. So naturally, I wrote a blog post about it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯