Bon Voyage, Ryan!

It’s a wild week here at Block Club, settling into the post-Labor Day, pre-fall season, co-workers and clients return from sunny vacations, the pace of summer starts to wane and… Ryan’s already leaving for his residency in Copenhagen!

To pass the residency torch, I gave a presentation for the team this week on my trip to Paris, my reflections now that I can see my time in France from a distance and some of the incredibly creative people I met while I was there.

During my last week I was able to squeeze in one last meeting with Kathia Saul of Floz. Floz’s work runs the gamut, with a focus on branding by way of photography, art direction and staging, as shown in their recent body of still lifes for Amazon Épicerie. Their work is vivid and deliberate, ever straddling that elusive line that runs between the worlds of art and design. I love their pieces in the “Infrarouge” series, title extremely self-explanatory, and their Tumblr is a really fun collection of work and experiments.

I had mostly met with people from medium to large sized agencies until this point, so I was excited to meet with Kathia and hear about her self-described “mini-agency” that she co-founded with two friends from university. We talked about the experience of working with friends, the degree of responsibility that is shared when you are only three people and the importance of making time to pursue new creative skillsets and outlets as your career advances. I felt Kathia was a real kindred spirit creatively and I had a great time talking with her.

Having three months (!) between my residency and my now, I have had time to reflect on the experience of my trip and what it meant for me this year. When I think of all of the people who not only agreed to meet with me but were actually eager to do so, and to share their time, their work, their creative thoughts, successes and struggles, I am incredibly grateful for their hospitality and openness. It really does make the world seem a little smaller in this time of overwhelming largeness.

On that note, I want to wish Ryan, eh… “god tur!” on his residency. I know he will have an incredible time in beautiful Copenhagen and I can’t wait to see the city, and Danish design (I heard you go through design school in kindergarten there), through his eyes.