Boxcraft Logo

Crafting a New Brand

We are very excited for our friend Candice Urban-Green, founder and lead designer at Boxcraft architectural design studio, on the launch of her new brand and website. Working closely with Candice’s vision for Boxcraft, we created a new identity system for her that is bright, bold and crisp.


The logo consists of customized logotype based on the typeface Galano Grotesque, contained within a rectangular box with two negative breaks; this is reminiscent of a room in an architectural plan, and represents the creativity required to think “inside the box” of a space. Accounting for different size applications, we designed an identity system that includes the full lockup as well as alternate versions showing only the wordmark. Additionally, the identity lent itself easily to the design of a single “b” brandmark, for use as a supplementary accent.

Professional but energetic, we are so pleased with how Boxcraft’s identity turned out. The bright orange-tinged red-pink (PMS 178 for the nerds) translated gorgeously to print on the business cards.


Identities that rely almost solely on lettering are one of my favorites to design. The simplicity forces you to really appreciate the subtle variations in letterforms and spacing, opportunities for ligatures (used to connect the “f” and “t” in this case), and less desired features of certain letters in otherwise beautiful typefaces. In this case, we opened up the mouth of the “c”, made subtle design adjustments to the “x” and “t” and increased the height of the letters with ascenders substantially.

More materials to come, but in the meantime head over to to see the brand in action.