Branding Agency Band Names

One of Block Club’s strengths is name creation. We hold ideation, or brainstorming, sessions where we fill white boards with names and Post-Its, using formulas and intuition to narrow down the possible choices before finally coming to the perfect name for your product, service or business. It’s what we do.

And then sometimes we have a running list of agency band names, inspired by design, branding and marketing lingo, that we’d use the day we all decide to quit our jobs, pick up our guitars and hit the open road. Here are a few of my favorites:

Full Bleed
Norwegian Black Metal

Hanging Widows
Brooding Electro Rock

Orphans & Rivers
Alt-Country Bluegrass

Broken Grid

The Trapping

New-Wave Punk

Source Clone

Scope Creep
Haunted Indie Folkrock