Getting Down with the Comma Queen

One of my roles as Block Club’s resident “word guy” is to impart useful knowledge of the stubborn English language to the team. Every Monday, we review style, grammar and vocabulary lessons to help everyone brush up their Shakespeare. These are most often useful reminders of the things that we let slip between the cracks of our keyboards, things that even I get wrong every now and then.

One of our favorite resources is the one and only Mary Norris, chief copy editor at the prestigious New Yorker magazine, whose “Comma Queen” moniker and web video series is entertaining, informative and downright quirky. (She’s a real character.)

I suggest you look at her quick Comma Queen videos for some helpful refreshers. When you have the time, this sit-down interview with CUNY TV offers some more insight into her career at The New Yorker and in the language profession. (If you’re like me and like to listen to podcasts while you cook, the audio from this interview makes for a fine soundtrack.)