Designing on the Edge

As I begin to gear up for my residency abroad, my man Shankar Vedantam’s Hidden Brain podcast on NPR dropped an episode that felt very relevant to my adventure ahead. The episode, titled “The Edge Effect,” is about getting out of your familiar surroundings, collaborating with people you would otherwise never work with, experiencing cultures and people in other countries, and how it can all benefit you creatively.

The edge effect, the episode explains, is where two different ecosystems meet. And it is within this area that the highest number of new organisms are created. I’d like to think that with my experience abroad I will gain a new perspective and better appreciation for other cultures. When I return, I hope whatever I’ve learned translates to collaborating with more people outside of my usual professional and social groups, taking unique approaches to problem-solving, creating even better ideas, and producing my best work.

For now, I am looking forward to seeing how life happens on the other side.