Everything and Nothing

After Scott Sternberg announced that he was leaving Band of Outsiders, a fashion house he established in 2003, it was unclear what he would do next. He was the Willy Wonka of fashion.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Scott released a video to introduce his new brand, Entireworld, a fashion line comprised of reasonably priced menswear and womenswear basics.

This brand introduction video is wild. Initially, it appeals to my base interests. Vintage footage and pop-culture vignettes clipped together into a postmodern hodgepodge is a tired trope, and yet I always love it. What does Cher from “Clueless” realizing she’s in love with her stepbrother have to do with the founders of Ben and Jerry’s? Absolutely nothing, and I don’t care. I always like to see culture and history combine to remind us of our shared human experience. I am a sucker for that.


At the end of the two minutes and 30 seconds, I do not know what this brand is. A brand cannot be everything. A brand cannot be the entire world.

Entireworld feels like a haphazard bulletin board rather than a concise representation of what we’re in for. Fashion labels are a dime a dozen, and if Scott is going try building another empire, I recommend narrowing his focus a bit.

The launched collection looks great, by the way.