Experiencing Branding In Denmark

With the start of a new year, I have often found myself reflecting back on 2017 and, not surprisingly, my Block Club Residency in Copenhagen was certainly the premier highlight. During my mind-expanding trip, I took in so much and was inspired creatively by everything I saw—architecture, public art, gallery exhibitions, civic design, city planning, the natural landscape, language, history, etc. Many of these things I was well aware of in advance of my arrival in Denmark and had been keenly anticipating based on what I had learned. However, the Residency Program also allows for a different type of experience that can’t happen vicariously through research. Looking back, perhaps the most precious and profound part of the experience for me of living abroad as a designer was just taking in the everyday minutiae, the cumulative landscape of culture and communication through the designs I interacted with organically on a daily basis.

With this concept in mind, whenever I travel I try to snap quick photos of any unique logos, signage, packaging, menus etc that catch my eye for one reason or another to document them in hopes that it might inspire a new thought on a future project. Maybe it’s just a color palette or a type treatment that I like and want don’t want to forget. With six weeks to marinate in ambient Danish culture, I amassed quite a collection of these kinds of design snapshots in my archives interspersed among all the photos of more worthy scenes. It was certainly interesting to note the differences (as well as the similarities) in the design of the everyday sights in a design-focused city like Copenhagen as compared to what I’m accustomed to in Buffalo. Here’s a small sampling of some of that branding and design which I stumbled upon during my time in Copenhagen.