Exploring Biomimicry with Vox + 99% Invisible

One of my favorite design podcasts, 99% Invisible, and one of my favorite sources for news and information, Vox, have teamed up to produce a series of videos.

Their first video is an informative take on how we, as designers, should stop looking around at each others’ work for inspiration and instead look to nature for inspiration to help solve the world’s design problems. This process is otherwise known as biomimicry design.

My favorite takeaway: “Life has been around on earth for 3.5 billion years. What designers are starting to realize is that that is a lot of research and development time.” That is one work schedule where you better not miss your deadline.

This concept of biomimicry makes me wonder how I could incorporate more biology into my design process and wanting to take a step away from my desk and get back to nature.