Eye Candy for Type Lovers

Eye Candy for Type Lovers

As far as type foundries go, Hoefler & Co. are one of the most recognizable and celebrated names in the field. Their geometric sans serif workhorse, Gotham, has become one of—if not the—most iconic typefaces of the 21st century thus far, appearing in some very prominent locations such as Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, the 2010 US Census, Saturday Night Live, One World Trade Center, and the National September 11 Museum.

In addition to Gotham, Hoefler & Co also has a deep catalog of beautiful typefaces across the whole typographical spectrum and they’ve taken an innovative and fun approach to showcasing some of this great work with their web project discover.typography.com.

This site has been a great source of inspiration for me as designer since it beautifully displays different parings and treatments of typefaces that I already know and love but often in ways or applications that I may not have considered. The site is organized into about a dozen different fun and clever themes, each of which are filled with a collage of well-executed design studies for fictitious or imagined purposes made with various Hoefler & Co. typefaces. And each design will reveal precisely which typefaces are being employed with a simple click—somewhat of a dream scenario I often have fantasized about when looking through design inspiration. For a designer, this is about the equivalent of a magician revealing his tricks after the show or a chef writing down his recipes for you after an amazing meal.


So whether you’re a designer searching for the perfect typeface for a project, or a just a casual fan of good design, clicking around this site is a fun and an engaging dive into the world of type, presented in a cool web format that definitely goes well above and beyond the standard type samples you may be used to.