• Redesigning Freed Maxick’s Website

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Redesigning Freed Maxick’s Website

Recently we were given the opportunity to completely overhaul the web presence for Freed Maxick, one of the top 100 accounting firms in the country. Freed Maxick has seen exciting growth in recent years, and consequently, had outgrown their previous website; their business model and corporate identity had also naturally evolved. It was time to realign their website with the company’s current state of business. Block Club had also recently created a marketing campaign for Freed Maxick, centered around a series of powerful client testimonial videos, and so this web overhaul was the perfect opportunity to incorporate this messaging into the most direct of their client-facing channels. The “Trust Earned” campaign that Block Club created is featured prominently on the homepage in a rotating carousel which incorporates full-frame photos and video.

Given the increasingly complex nature of the accounting industry, the previous version of their site had become equally complex over time, with many many pages of technical copy and complicated nested navigation menus holding it all together. Therefore, one of our first steps in this process was to simplify the site map and restructure the overall architecture to consolidate content and make a more approachable, friendlier experience for the user.

Over their more-than-50 years in business, Freed Maxick has grown to become so much more than just an accounting firm. To reflect this, we took an industry-focused approach to this site’s structure, highlighting the specific verticals that they have gained expertise in, and we consolidated all of their service offerings (tax, accounting and consulting) under one menu.


Another important part of this streamlining process was the incorporation of their previously standalone Careers website into one unified web experience. Block Club’s content strategist Ben Siegel also worked closely with the Freed team to pare down and restructure the site’s copy, which was a herculean effort but one well worth the time.

We also incorporated several secondary navigation elements, such as a breadcrumb trail, into the design in order to enhance usability and make sure that finding your way through the site would always be clear and never confusing:


In order to facilitate lead generation, we sought to cut out as many extra steps as possible for prospective clients visiting the site, and dedicated significant page real estate to a dynamic site-wide footer with embedded contact forms and even an option to upload an RFP. No matter where a visitor is on the site, they are able to connect with just one click:


We wanted to use photo and video as much as possible in the design to communicate Freed Maxick’s story and brand values by showing more and telling less while, at the same time, keeping load times to a minimum and making a responsive site that functioned appropriately across a range of devices. For a complex site like this, this all amounted to a hefty UX design challenge, but through the hard work of everyone on our team here, we arrived at a clean and beautiful solution that we’re all very proud of, and one that our client can grow with for years to come.

Visit freedmaxick.com to see the redesigned website, and visit the Block Club website to view the full case study, including the campaign strategy, video, print and web designs.