From the Intern’s Desk: Staying Organized

Being relatively new to the professional design world, as an intern here at Block Club, I needed some guidance to help me develop as a designer. I’ve been introduced to different programs, strategies and styles that help me communicate in a more professional manor to my freelance clients. Block Club has taught me many key components to help those projects run smoothly. Here are the steps that were most helpful to me:

Make an estimate
Projects will take various lengths of time, based on the client and other factors. Lay out your estimate in steps and how long each step will take (we measure in hours). This is helpful when you are unsure what to bill a client. Always remember to take your hourly rate and multiply it by the number of hours you plan to spend on the project, and leave a little wiggle room for any hiccups during the project.

Set a timeline
Lay out a timeline and prioritize. Perhaps you have to get business cards printed; you not only have to calculate the time to lay out the cards, but also the printing and shipping time. You always want to leave breathing room for any printing mistakes or errors.

Be organized
Keep all steps of the project in separate folders. Organization helps you work faster and stay consistent throughout your entire project. This was one of the most important steps I learned from Block Club because this helps your project run smoothly, from beginning to end.

Save all ideas
You never know when you may want to revisit an idea. If they concept you had didn’t work for that specific client it may be more appropriate for another. You also may recycle a logo you didn’t end up using and transition it into another brand element, like a brand mark, instead.