Fun-a-Day Diary: Getting Started

While not officially a New Year’s resolution, it’s safe to say that I’ve had my heart set on a creative project for my 2016. It’s been a quiet few months for me, creativity-wise, since we printed our last issue of the magazine. I’ve enjoyed the quiet and free headspace since wrapping production in July, the hours I’d spend outside of work thinking, reading, conversing, researching and editing. There are days when I miss that work, some days when I miss it an awful lot, but most days I’m quite excited by what’s next. Ideas are swirling.

So the timing was perfect when I saw Sugar City’s call for submissions for their annual Fun-A-Day group show. It’s a great concept—create, or do and document, something new every day for the month of February, and present your work visually in a group show at their Niagara Street space. Seeing as I am not a visual artist, but seeing as Sugar City is a welcoming kind of arts space, I feel encouraged by their invitation. It’s been fun to conceive outside of my normal pen and paper.

I am still in the planning stages of my concept, but I can say that it involves language in a way that is accessible and adventurous. It’s terribly exciting, as small as it is at this point. I’ll post my progress here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! And read up on Sugar City if you’re not familiar; they’re doing some great things!