Google Quick, Draw!

Google Quick, Draw!

I’ve been doing some very eyeball-burning, pixel-measuring work these last few workdays preparing a large website to go into programming. I know that it’s healthy to take a brain break periodically and I should probably be getting up and stretching my legs with a walk around the block but the temperature has plummeted this week and I’m waiting for my winter coat to be delivered so I’ve been taking five minute breaks with Google Quick, Draw! instead.

Essentially Pictionary with a computer, Quick, Draw! allows users to participate in machine learning, or the training of the algorithms that teach Google’s neural network to recognize simple drawings. While part of me feels uncomfortable participating in what will surely be the A.I. coup d’état under the pretense of “just doing some doodling!”, it’s a perfect way to quickly take a break from the number crunching and switch over to my brain’s right hemisphere.

For 120 seconds, you draw a harp, a radio, an elbow (yes, try draw an elbow. No, not an arm. An elbow.), a hot tub, a bear, the list goes on and on, in less than twenty seconds, while the program tries to guess what you are drawing.

After you’re done you can see how you stacked up against other folks’ doodles-to-correct-guesses, which can be frustrating when you, say, draw a perfect hurricane that the computer cannot guess, yet people who were clearly drawing tornadoes somehow had winners.

Need a quick break today? Give Google Quick, Draw! a whirl.