The Grange Website

Creating a Web Presence for The Grange

As anyone who has been to The Grange Community Kitchen can attest to, Chef Brad Rowell’s incredible food and the gorgeous, tastefully designed interior space are two of the primary ingredients that make any meal there such a special experience. So when we approached the design of their website, it was pretty obvious that we needed to keep it simple and let both of those things shine.

Local photographer Lindsay Dedario provided us with a bank of beautiful images of Brad’s remarkable food and the sun-soaked interior of the restaurant. We designed a homepage around them, creating a simple grid of images that offer would-be guests a glimpse of what to expect out of a meal at The Grange.

While The Grange team was hard at work designing and building out their space ahead of last summer’s opening, Block Club was developing the identity and branding for The Grange. The synergy between the two simultaneous processes, each influencing the other along the way, led to a truly cohesive and beautifully integrated brand experience. From the metallic inks and gold foils to the brass hardware and accents, their physical space has become a seamless part of their branded experience.

So their website, as another important extension of their brand, also shares many of the same feelings and attributes; it’s bright, open, and simple.

The sitemap and navigation address any visitor’s concerns directly and clearly, without the need for any searching around. We did our best to follow Steve’s sage advice on creating functional restaurant websites and included a page where all of The Grange’s ever-changing menus can easily be uploaded and viewed each day. And integrating Open Table makes finding and booking reservations quick and easy, with just one click.

If you haven’t yet made it out to Hamburg to take it all in for yourself, do yourself a favor and head over to and book a reservation today.

For more inspiration check out some of Block Club’s best work in hospitality branding, and don’t be afraid to say hello if you’d like to work with us in the future.