Seven Instagram Accounts For The Weekend

Happy Friday! Need some inspiration for a weekend project? Here are seven Instagram accounts I turn to when I need some fresh thinking from the wider lens of design.


If you are a play-with-your-food kind of person, or if you just need a smile today, stylist Charlotte Lovely’s account is for you. Calling her work “silly” might sound like a backhanded compliment, but when I say “silly” here I mean it in the most sincere and artful meaning of the word.


If, like me, you are most moved by films wherein a single, perfectly composed shot says more than any scripted word could, you have to follow @unasuntolamentable. There you’ll find the “fleeting moment” beauty of cinema captured, across every and all genres, in two perfectly paired stills.


Typography nerds, urbanists and history fans unite at Letters of New York, which is exactly what it claims to be: glimpses into the nooks and crannies of the city through the lens of letters in everyday signage.


A set designer with a particular eye for all things geometric, colorful, her spaces are always somehow very real and very fake, toeing the line between interior design and high-art installation.


I don’t think there is much that needs to be said here. You’re being that annoying contrarian at the party if you disapprove of Swiss graphic design, and here it is: what is happening now “from St. Gallen to Geneva, Swiss graphic design in the streets of Switzerland.”


This account is everything that is lovely about the phrase, “The world can be funny like that sometimes.” The collection of pairs from @conformi_ is like a little game for the eyes.

I discovered design studio Playground while I was in Paris. I love its colorful work, which is heavy on clever, simple animation.

Have a great weekend, guys – @juleeclip