HBO’s Analog Future

This should bring you back. Remember HBO’s opening title sequence before every movie and TV show? I do, and only because of “Fraggle Rock.” We didn’t have HBO growing up, but we did tape every single program during the semi-annual free preview weekends. Whenever we had a babysitter, my mom would instruct them to pop in the tape and let it roll; I never realized that it was always the same episode. Anyway.

What I do remember vividly is the incredible HBO-branded sequence and theme song. It was futuristic. It was spacetastic. It was everything I wanted entertainment to be and more. It was also made largely by hand, as this video shows us.

Strange to consider that for a huge generation of young people—”millennials” or “Gen-Xers,” depending on your birth year; I was born in 1982, right on the cusp—this analog production is now back in style again. Yes, we can make almost everything digitally now, and yes, it looks far better and can be produced far cheaper and faster than how these talented folks made this reel, but as generational trends tend to revolve, what’s old is new again. I can’t help but to imagine Wes Anderson at the helm of a production like this. This behind-the-scenes video is great, and a reminder of the magic you can make when you pull your sleeves up and get your hands dirty.