Buffalo Wings Baseball Logo

A Home Run Chicken Wing Logo

Things I thought were impossible:

    • Perpetual motion machines
    • Teleportation
    • Living for eternity
    • Make a chicken wing logo for the jersey of a semiprofessional sports team look good

Congratulations,👏you 👏did👏it,👏Buffalo👏Bisons👏! (Also, hats off to the person/people who actually designed it.)

If you do a Google search for “chicken wing logo” you’ll find nothing but logos that avoid using the likeness of a fried chicken wing. You’ll find logos using whole chickens, feathered uncooked wings, and intact cooked wings (which is incorrect, since proper wings are served in two parts: the drum and the wingette, aka flats).

But the Buffalo Bisons really went for it. The team plopped a crispy wing, blue cheesed-typography and a palate-cleansing celery stick right on their players’ chests, and it’s amazing.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Drawing a chicken wing is one thing. Taking it out of the usual pizza-joint context and placing it in the sporting world as a logo is no small feat. A sports logo is supposed to either look cool, inspire fear in the opposing side or reflect the spirit of its team’s fanbase. So throwing the scrap parts of a chicken onto a baseball uniform and making it look good could not have been easy.

I know, it’s a ridiculous logo. But it’s meant to be, which is why I think it’s so successful. It’s all part of a promotional stunt between the Buffalo Bisons and the Rochester Red Wings (oh, the irony). The teams are switching their names for a four-game series in June to the food items their hometowns are best known for. Rochester, known for the disorganized food mess called a “garbage plate,” will be called the Rochester Plates, dropping the word “garbage” from the name for obvious reasons. I just wish I could say their logo is as impressive as the Bisons’.


Photo credit: Buffalo Bisons