HOPE Buffalo: The Pledge for Healthy Teens

We are thrilled to formally introduce the branding we created for a new, critical initiative in Buffalo. Our client, CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) in partnership with the Erie County Department of Health, will focus on improving the lives and opportunities for adolescents by facilitating and resourcing a community-driven response to reduce teen pregnancy in nine select zip codes in Erie County. Learn more about the specifics of the initiative here.

Originally called the “Buffalo Collaborative Community Initiative to Reduce Teen Pregnancy,” we worked with CAI to develop a brand that is meaningful, catchy, and well, less of a mouthful. The name HOPE Buffalo was developed to resonate with a wide array of target audiences, like teens, parents, educators, healthcare providers, and community and faith leaders. At the highest level, the implication of hope was key; the hope that Buffalo’s community has for its future; the hope that adults have for their youth; the hope that society has for preventing teen pregnancy and addressing its root causes; the hope for healthy outcomes. HOPE also offers an acronym—Health, Opportunity, Prevention and Education—which are the core tenets of the initiative.

The HOPE Buffalo logo is made up of bright colors and geometric shapes that overlay to represent all of the partners, community groups, caring adults and teens coming together to support this important cause. The overlaying treatment encourages viewers to explore each letterform. We tested the color palette and design to ensure it resonates with our target audiences.

As we move into future phases of the project with our strategic partners at Crowley Webb, we’ll be developing a broader campaign and website to help raise awareness of the initiative and encourage interaction with the HOPE Buffalo brand and its resources.

Stay tuned!