I Saw the Sign

My mother’s father was a commercial artist in St. Louis during the 1950s and ’60s. Growing up, Mom would return home from school and find her dad at the kitchen table in front of a large sheet of plastic, hand-lettering the 7Up logo to be used on the inside of bottle caps.

My father is a calligraphy hobbyist with stunning penmanship. He was taught to write in Catholic school, so I always imagined him as a second grader, his knuckles bloodied by a nun’s ruler until he could draw perfect letters.

Unfortunately for me, this talent has skipped a generation. While I will always have terrible hand skills, I will never lose respect for the art of beautiful handwriting.

I recently watched “Gentlemen of Letters,” a 16-minute film about sign painters in Dublin. I am thrilled to see other people carrying on that tradition in modern times, even if I don’t have the steady hand to help. You can watch “Gentlemen of Letters” below:

Gentlemen of Letters – A Dublin Sign Painting Film from Colin Brady on Vimeo.