Multi-Purpose Media for Insyte Consulting

Multi-Purpose Media for Insyte Consulting

Block Club started working with Insyte Consulting back in 2012. Insyte helps WNY manufacturing and technology companies succeed. Their work is crucial, as manufacturing leads our region in GDP, accounting for tens of thousands of jobs, and technology is a big key to future growth.

One of the first projects we got to work on was revamping their newsletter, which up until that point, was being produced on a bi-monthly basis. This was too frequent to maintain internally, so we moved to a quarterly format that was more sustainable while still achieving company communication goals. We also changed the size and format of the newsletter to make the content easily digestible and pleasing to read.

Another goal was to make sure that each newsletter had as long of a shelf life as possible once it was mailed out. We came to the idea to feature a poster on the back of each newsletter, which includes a quote and imagery that fits within the newsletter’s quarterly theme. Our hope was that these would be hung up on break room cork boards or out on shop floors.

Years later, the posters can be seen on the walls of manufacturing facilities all over the region. I spotted one at Eberl Iron Works during a recent video shoot for Insyte. It’s awesome to see that they’re being used just as we intended.

You can view the archive of newsletters (starting in Spring 2013), as well as all of the posters we’ve created for Insyte Consulting here.