Block Club Intern, Laura

Interning at Block Club

As soon as I saw Tim’s mustache and funky patterned shirt, I knew I had to intern at Block Club. And I am so glad I did. The team is made up of the most unique, fun, passionate and friendly bunch of people. And they have an office dog who makes lunchtime extremely exciting.

I jumped into Block Club as they closed up their magazine, a bittersweet time. I watched as they found words to describe the place they call home. They made me feel pride in my own city, my own home. They are committed to Buffalo and the process of rebuilding it through the work they do each day.

Interning at Block Club has been a great learning experience for me as a designer and as an individual. The classroom can only teach you so much; Block Club gave me an insider’s view on the real working world, one that I’m excited to jump into!

Small bits of advice from a small intern:

  • Someone is not vacuuming; that’s the coffee maker.
  • Jamming = working on
  • Rad = cool or awesome
  • Eggs will be delivered.
  • There is a mysterious small post office in the basement.
  • Patrick is more common of a name than you’d think.
  • Everyone is so cool that you may feel crippling moments of self-doubt. Don’t worry.
  • Extra points if you don’t flinch when Tim sneezes.

Ready to apply? Send your info to [email protected]