Block Club Intern Grace

Interning at Block Club

Being an intern can be daunting and exhausting. I was looking for a place where I could be treated as an equal, gain as much work experience as possible, and also not hate my life while going through it. Block Club checked all of these boxes.

I recommend applying for an internship at Block Club to anyone who wants to get better (unintentional plug) as a person and a designer. Add in an awesome, talented team, and a fluffy dog—it’s impossible to not thrive here.

I’ve picked up a lot in my three months, such as:

  • Work can actually be fun.
  • Don’t leave any food unattended, I once watched Miles repeatedly try to steal a sub off of Brandon’s desk.
  • Slack’s usage: 50 percent project-based conversations, and 50 percent funny GIFs.
  • The importance of being well-rounded; not only be able to design, but also analyze, write, participate in discussion and have hobbies.
  • Sometimes the whole team will come into work matching unintentionally.
  • Everyone’s name is Patrick.
  • There is no limit to creativity. Even if you sketch out a crazy idea, it’s appreciated.
  • How to succeed in an agency and love what you do.

I know we’ve probably never met, but you should trust me when I say apply for an internship at Block Club. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

– Grace

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