Interning at Block Club

Block Club is currently looking for some talented young folks to fill the void, now that our amazingly talented summer intern Laura is back off to RIT to finish up her education. So I’m looking to you, internet, to spread the word that we’re looking for someone to fill her tiny, but at the same time, large, shoes.

As the supervisor of all things intern, I will help you to get settled into our agency’s workflow, guiding you through Billings and Basecamp; reminding you to always clock your time; to never leave a sandwich unguarded at your desk; and hope that you’ll discover that Slack is not what it might sound like; and how to use a /giphy.

As an intern, you’ll be expected to complete a series of tasks while you spend your fall semester with us:

Mechanical Work
Let’s get this right out of the way. Sometimes you’ll have days where the work seems mundane. But you’ll be a mechanical file wizard because of it, and once you land your first gig you’ll blow your AD and CD away with how fast your CC skills are. You’re welcome.

Have an opinion on something? You’ll participate in critiques and share your thoughts on all kinds of projects in our pipeline. You’ll gain thick skin or, well, we all know what the alternative is.

Ideations Sessions
…AKA brainstorms. Everyone has ideas; we want to hear yours. Even if it’s not that good. We’re all just spitballing here.

Press Checks + Photo Shoots
You’ll get to see how the sausage is made.

Collateral and Campaign Creative
Flex those designer muscles.

Open Book Management
You’ll learn about Open Book Management (OBM), observing and participating in how our business runs, where you’ll be responsible for recording one of our OBM lines. Don’t mess it up, we really want that shrimp cocktail and hotdog party reward we were promised.

There are plenty of other agency life things I am leaving off, but this is just a small sampling of what we expect. We are a small team who are very efficient and effective at what we do, and we expect the same from our interns.

Apply here. We are accepting applications up until August 19.